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Category Archives: Demos

AlivePDF Showcase – EnergyTransparency

Ben Smith (@fezec) on Twitter just sent me this really nice project : EnergyTransparency. AlivePDF is being used for the PDF generation, below an example of the pages generated, and here a link to the kind of PDF you can today generate at runtime with AlivePDF

Using AlivePDF to print from AIR Javascript via ActionScript 3

Murray Hopkins just started a series of nice tutorials about printing from AIR with AlivePDF! Make sure to check his tutorials! Great job Murray!

AlivePDF 0.1.5 [RC] new API’s

AlivePDF 0.1.5 RC is finally there and has a lot of new features. As you may have seen, font embedding is now supported and a lot of new things, as a result a lot of new API’s have been introduced. Hopefully the documentation is now updated. To get started with those API’s here is a [...]

AlivePDF used in Balsamiq Mockups

If there is one AIR application that I love, it’s called Mockups from Balsamiq. In September, Peldi the creator of this great tool asked if it was possible to add internal link support and fix the outlines feature in AlivePDF in order to add PDF export to Mockups. This was added and Mockups, and there [...]

Some Alchemy in AlivePDF !

Here is a great news for AlivePDF, I am currently considering using Alchemy to handle all the fonts parsing (TrueType/OpenType) through a c lib called TTF2PT1. This is the cool thing with Alchemy, any c or c++ lib can be compiled to AVM2 bytecode and used in the Flash Player. If you know the TTF2PT1 [...]

Import EPS files in AlivePDF!

Here is an upcoming feature I added today to AlivePDF, which will allow you to use EPS assets (.ai or .eps) on pages. This is a very cool feature to embed vector content A new method addEPSImage will be available which takes an EPS file and render it on the current page. myPDF.addPage(); myPDF.addEPSImage ( [...]

AlivePDF at Adobe Max ’09 – Session video

I just posted on my blog the session Michael and I did at Adobe Max ’09 in Los Angeles. It contains a section about AlivePDF and other cool stuff, hope you guys will like it.

beginBitmapFill() added to AlivePDF!

Just a quick note, to tell you that while flying back from Adobe Max ’09, I added the beginBitmapFill() (Drawing API) method in AlivePDF. Code is very simple, just like the Flash Player native Drawing API : // create the surface var surface:BitmapData = new Star (0,0); // begin filling with the bitmap p.beginBitmapFill( surface [...]

Yet Another Session Locator (YASL) using AlivePDF !

You are going to Adobe Max ’09 and you want to book your sessions through a nice application (actually better than the official one) and see a very nice use of AlivePDF ? Just get there : PhilFlash did a great job doing it, and I really like to see AlivePDF in action ! [...]

Spot Color support !

Recently, preilly85 asked about “spot colors” support in AlivePDF in the forum, which can be required when printing professional PDF’s. As this feature is easy to implement, I have just added it in the latest SVN revision of AlivePDF. Here is a quick explanation of the API, preilly85, this one is for you : // [...]