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Category Archives: Releases

AlivePDF 0.1.5 [RC] new API’s

AlivePDF 0.1.5 RC is finally there and has a lot of new features. As you may have seen, font embedding is now supported and a lot of new things, as a result a lot of new API’s have been introduced. Hopefully the documentation is now updated. To get started with those API’s here is a [...]

AlivePDF (0.1.5 RC) Font Embedding Support refactoring and more :)

I am happy to announce that AlivePDF 0.1.5 is getting better and better. More than font embedding support which is working now, I have just uploaded on the SVN the latest version with gradients (not 100% complete) and barcode support. Apart from that, some important code cleaning and refactoring has been done, some new API’s have [...]

Santa Claus and AlivePDF

Recently, I saw a message from wayne on the AlivePDF forum, asking for some gifts related to AlivePDF. It made me smile cause actually I was able to spend a whole day on the embedding font problem and finally made it to work It seems like Santa Claus is bringing font embedding to AlivePDF, finally! [...]

beginBitmapFill() added to AlivePDF!

Just a quick note, to tell you that while flying back from Adobe Max ’09, I added the beginBitmapFill() (Drawing API) method in AlivePDF. Code is very simple, just like the Flash Player native Drawing API : // create the surface var surface:BitmapData = new Star (0,0); // begin filling with the bitmap p.beginBitmapFill( surface [...]

Spot Color support !

Recently, preilly85 asked about “spot colors” support in AlivePDF in the forum, which can be required when printing professional PDF’s. As this feature is easy to implement, I have just added it in the latest SVN revision of AlivePDF. Here is a quick explanation of the API, preilly85, this one is for you : // [...]

Linux bug fixed !

As most of you may know, AlivePDF was not working correctly on Linux due to a bug on the ByteArray.writeMultiByte method. The latest version of AlivePDF from the SVN is containing a fix for Linux. You Linux lovers should be able to use AlivePDF now without any problems

Document-level navigation support and outlines !

I just came back from holidays and it seems that coding under the sun and near the sea is a good thing for AlivePDF I actually added document-level navigation through the brand new InternalLink class and modified the way you add HTTP links in the documents through a new class called HTTPLink. This new InternalLink [...]

CSV Export with AlivePDF

Just a quick update done in AlivePDF this morning, some people requested CSV export through the Grid class, so here it is The API is really simple : // export the grid content as a CSV var bytes:ByteArray = grid.export( Export.CSV ); And voilà!, all you have to do is save this ByteArray as a [...]

Early AlivePDF 0.1.5 alpha release !

We are nearly there ! For the people who are waiting for some new features and bugs to be fixed, you can find on the SVN an early alpha release of AlivePDF 0.1.5. So what’s new ? OpenType/TrueType font embedding (not fully working for the moment, but you can start playing with it, so much [...]

Early AlivePDF release

Hi everybody . It’s been a long time since version was released ! Some cool things are happening for AlivePDF. Two new contributors joined AlivePDF development, I am happy to welcome Mark Lynch and Alexandre Pires who already did a great job implementing a new method called writeFlashHTMLText to handle basic HTML tags. We [...]