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Hi everybody, I just created a “Showcase” link on the blog, where I would like to link any applications using AlivePDF. The problem is that I don’t have much links as you can see Can you please post a little message on the forum (Showcase forum), so that I can present your application in the [...]

AlivePDF for Silverlight ?

What do you think ? That would be easily possible, if some of you guys need it, let me know through the comments

The end of create.php script !

Yes ! Thank you Astro ! As you may have seen, Adobe has just released a beta version of the Flash Player 10 (Astro). This new player is bringing a new feature which is gonna be awesome for the AlivePDF people File Reference runtime access — Bring users into the experience by letting them load [...]

Degrafa & AlivePDF : Union makes strength

For those who don’t know, Degrafa is a “Declarative Graphics Framework for Flex” which looks very promising. It allows you to create advanced graphic layouts without any line of ActionScript 3. With Degrafa, you can describe strokes, fills, curves, and skins components with a few lines of MXML. It seems like they truly understand that [...]

Java Servlet – PDF Generation

This is a special post for the J2EE people out there ! Thanks to Carlos, find here a Java Servlet that you have to pack in a war file on your J2EE server. This servlet does the exact same job as the create.php file that you can find in the sources. This servlet will be [...]